Pimples, red spots and blemishes – oily skin has many troubles. While the right diet can drastically improve this skin, there are a few other rules that one must follow, if they’re an oily skin type. We tell you what they are.
 Use the right cleanser
Only a girl with oily skin will understand the fear of waking up to a pimple in the morning. Think you’re one of them? Introduce yourself to the Ponds Pimple Clear White Face Wash. Wondering why we swear by this one? Well, it’s designed with a special oil-absorbing clay, a pimple fighting essence and beads that wash away dullness, a must-have for anyone whose acne is giving them sleepless nights.
Don’t pick your face  
Picking on red spots and acne will only cause further damage to the skin. The bacteria in your fingers will come in contact with the pimple making the acne all the more severe. Our suggestion would be to wash your hands before you apply anything on your face.
Keep makeup brushes clean
Always use makeup sponges and brushes instead of your hands to blend your makeup. While you do that, make sure you wash your brushes regularly because dirty ones are going to make your oily skin worse and can cause zits.
Don’t use the usual sunscreen
Yes, we know how scared you are of using sunscreen that leaves an oily residue on the skin. While most sunscreens are sticky, the Lakmé 9to5 Super Sunscreen works best for oily skin. This one has two variants and we suggest you use the one that has a mattifying effect on the skin.
Wash your hair regularly
If you suffer from oily skin, you are most likely to have an oily scalp. If you don’t wash the hair often, the oil in your scalp mixes up with the hair product you use. You hair constantly touches your face making it all the more oily. So please ensure that you wash your hair as regularly as possible
Eat right and stay hydrated
While you must follow the above rules to get rid of acne, it is absolutely necessary to cleanse your system from within in order to fight oily skin. So include leafy vegetables like broccoli in your diet and also try to have sweet potatoes and blueberries, which fight acne. Green tea is also known to help reduce the oil from the skin but it is water that ultimately flushes out toxins leaving your skin fresh and pimple-free.

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