9 Best Different Hairstyles For Women

9 Best Different Hairstyles For Women

Sarees are one of the oldest garments that have continued to remain part of Indian culture. Despite all technological advancements and the western influences in our country, this garment still continues to remain in trend. Prominent designers have given a whole new direction to this wonderful garment that even youngsters love to drape these 9 yards of fabric for an occasion.

#1. High bun:

A high bun also called a chignon, is usually useful when you have to flaunt your shoulders and neck. Say, if you were to wear a huge a neck piece or strapless blouse, or maybe even large earrings, then this would be the right hairstyle to go for. This is simple to do. Just part your hair from the middle. Pull back your hair rolling it into a bun. Now pin it high and tight almost to the closer to the centre of your head.

#2. Straight Hair:

This is one of the simplest hairstyles. In case you happen to go somewhere in hurry, this works out the most. It looks very simple and elegant. Let your hair loose, with a middle partition, with your tresses falling beautifully on your either shoulders. Straightening has become much easy with styling irons.

#3. Bangs:

Bangs though seemingly very high fashion and suited for western outfits can pretty much be suited for sarees too. This gives a totally different look. You could get straight bangs or side bangs. You could let your hair lie anyway you want. It could remain curly or straight, since the focus of your hair would be on your bangs. This would be ideal for people with a prominent forehead.

#4. Simple shortcut hair:

Now Mandira Bedi deserves a huge applause for making this possible. The gorgeous woman has been one of the few women to actually take up this trend forward and make it a huge hit. Sporting totally short hair, this beautiful lady has attended many award shows and events wearing a saree. Try this look, if you would like to flaunt large earrings and neck pieces as they would become easily visible for the short tresses.

#5. Ponytail:

Have a highly embellished blouse which would grab the attention of a lot of people, then ponytail is the way to go. The hair being held and tied back neatly, the eyes would fall on the work on your blouse. Ponytail is also very simple to do and almost gives a very casual yet classic look if done correctly.

#6. Simple layers:

Layering makes the hair seem like it has got more volume. It is also one of the easiest hairstyles. You would need to get your hair cut in neat layers by a stylist. Try to maintain the natural curls of your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you could still curl it using an iron. Blow dry makes the hair look even more bouncy. The best way to sport this style would be to let one half fall one shoulder and the other shoulder left open. If you have a halter or strapless blouse, this would work well.

#7. Puff up hairstyle:

This look is great for weddings and events. You can create this look by puffing your hair up a bit. And using pins and clips to hold it in place. To give it a more puffed up look, you could use a boostias which would give a hair a lift. While doing this hairstyle, comb out your hair and untangle them so that they give a neat look.

#8. A low twisted bun:

This is another type of a bun, but unlike a high bun, the low twist bun is tied away from the centre of the head, almost near the nape of the neck. Part your hair and twist the sides and bring them back and pin them low on both sides. Now roll your hair into a bun and pin it up. Even if it appears to be slightly messy, it would still look great.

#9. Braids:

Braids have been one of the oldest hairstyles that have existed. If you happen to have very long hair, then braids would be ideal. There are so many different styles of braids that you could do. For a formal occasion a simple braid would do. You could also try braids like fish-bone braid, suiting the look you want to carry.

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