6 Quick And Best Tricks For Brides To Lose Weight

6 Quick And Best Tricks For Brides To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy task! And trying to do so with just a few months to go before your wedding day, can be a real task. Sparing even some time for a workout amid the hustle and bustle of the marriage preparations, can be difficult sometimes. Eating a healthy breakfast, drinking plenty of water and eating small meals to burn those extra calories, do help in losing weight. Yet, there are some more tricks that can help you to lose weight real quick.
Simply incorporate these smart tricks in your daily routine, and you will definitely get in shape before your big day. These tips will surely help you achieve your goal. So, follow them diligently to burn fat and lose weight faster.

#1. Pop vitamin D
You might be surprised, but yes, even popping vitamin D can help you to shed weight. Get your vitamin D levels checked and if you are deficient, start having your vitamin D daily. Too little vitamin D in the blood may interfere with the functioning of leptin, a hormone that signals to your brain that you are full, and need to stop eating. Replenishing vitamin D helps restore leptin's normal functioning.

#2. Eat vitamin C-rich foods
Eat grapes, kiwis, oranges, tomatoes, or any other fruits and vegetables that are a rich source of vitamin C. These foods burn body fat into fuel, leading to weight loss.

#3. Eat whole grains
Instead of eating refined foods like white bread and rice, opt for brown rice, chapati, brown bread, oats, muesli or any other whole grain to burn fat. These grains make you feel full in fewer calories, so you tend to consume less food.

#4. Add iron-rich foods to your diet
Iron is important for weight loss as your body needs iron to produce red blood cells, which are required to oxygenate and burn fat and calories. Eat at least three to four servings of foods rich in iron, such as chicken, beans, fortified cereal, soy nuts, shell fish, eggs, spinach, etc., if you do not want a sluggish metabolism.

#5. Chew your food at least 40 times
If you are a quick eater and chew your food just a few times before swallowing it, then it is time to change this habit. This way you end up consuming more food, without even realising it. Instead, slow down and chew your food at least 40 times, before swallowing it. Even research has proved that the more you will chew, the more your body will produce hunger supressing peptide hormones. As a result, you will feel full soon and will not overeat.

#6. Do not sit for long
Sitting or even lying down for a long time can make you fat. Just sitting idle exerts pressure on your fat cells, causing them to stretch and generate even more fat. So, no matter where you are or how busy you are, make it a point to get moving, for at least five to ten minutes, after every hour. Even when you are watching TV or talking on the phone, stretch, jump, jog around the place or pace back and forth to keep your fat cells slim.

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